Welcome to my digital playground!

I am a talented developer who has just recently obtained his Masters in Computer Science. Over the years I’ve encountered many interesting computer languages, all of which are somehow unique. The mission of this Web site is to showcase some of my skills as a developer as well as to provide examples for other developers. Here you will find documents, essays, source code as well as images of my personal software development lab including the server that hosts this site. All source code is sectioned off by the primary language that was used for the project in question.

Please note that all the documents and source code on this Web site are my own work and should not be used unless proper permission is granted from me. Just contact me; I most likely won’t have any objection. The only source code that was not written by me is the algorithm set from the book Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++ SE by Mark Allen Weiss which I use for personal reference.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me at

Pavel Bagadzinski

Pictures: development laboratory

Documents: essays, presentations and notes


[C++ Source code]

Radix Sort Algorithm

Hash Function



Lines of Code

Vending Machine

Data Structures


[C# Source code]

TripleT - XML Based Tic Tac Toe Game

[Pascal Source code]

NothingSpecial - Windows Registry


[Java Source code]

Calculate Wages



[JavaScript Source code]



[PHP Source code]

Phishing Filter

Target Board

MediaStore - CMS Application


[Perl Source code]

RPN Calculator


[Python Source code]

RPN Calculator

Target Board


[Lisp Source code]



[NQC Source code]


Sumo Wrestling


[Assembly Source code]

H1 Interpreter

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