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Fluent Finch is our new chat client. It lets you easily communicate with others that are on your local network. It's trivial setup routine will have you up and running in under 5 minutes.


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The Fluent Finch chat client uses our very own proprietary protocol. We named it the Fluent Finch Protocol to keep things very simple. We designed it to automatically find all available peers on your network. This means you don't need to manage or connect some any server.

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Time limited trial copy

Interested in getting your hands on a time limited trial copy of Fluent FinchL? Then fill out the download request form!

System Requirements

Lets run this beast

      • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 8.1; Windows Server 2012 R2; Windows 8; Windows Server 2012; Windows 7; Windows Server 2008 R2; Windows Vista SP1; Windows Server 2008; Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2
      • Supported Architectures : x86; x64
      • Processor Speed: 1.1 GHz (minimum)
      • RAM: 1024 MB (minimum); 2048 MB (recommended)
      • Free Disc Space: 10 MB (minimum)
      • CD or DVD Drive Not required
      • Display 800x600, 256 colors (minimum); 1024x768 high color, 32-bit (recommended)
      • WebCam driver that supports DirectShow (recommended)
      • Network card for communicating over a LAN or Internet (recommended)

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