[C++] Data Structures

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Individual Files

mystring.h: If you don’t have a string type

string.cpp: If you don’t have a string type

vector.h: If you don’t have a vector type

vector.cpp: If you don’t have a vector type

matrix.h: Simple matrix class

dsexceptions.h: Simple exception classes

Fig01_02.cpp: A simple recursive routine with a test program

Fig01_03.cpp: An example of infinite recursion

Fig01_04.cpp: Recursive routine to print numbers, with a test program

Fig01_05.cpp: Simplest IntCell class, with a test program

Fig01_06.cpp: IntCell class with a few extras, with a test program

IntCell.h: IntCell class interface (Fig 1.7)

IntCell.cpp: IntCell class implementation (Fig 1.8)

TestIntCell.cpp: IntCell test program (Fig 1.9)

Fig01_10.cpp: Illustration of using the vector class

Fig01_11.cpp: Dynamically allocating an IntCell object (lame)

BuggyIntCell.cpp: Buggy IntCell class implementation (Figs 1.14 and 1.15)

Fig01_16.cpp: IntCell class with pointers and Big Three

FindMax.cpp: Function template FindMax (Figs 1.17 and 1.18)

Fig01_19.cpp: MemoryCell class template without separation

MemoryCell.h: MemoryCell class interface (Fig 1.20)

MemoryCell.cpp: MemoryCell class implementation (Fig 1.21)

TestMemoryCell.cpp: MemoryCell test program (Fig 1.22)

Fig01_23.cpp: Using Comparable templates: Employee class example

MaxSumTest.cpp: Various maximum subsequence sum algorithms

Fig02_09.cpp: Test program for binary search

Fig02_10.cpp: Euclid’s algorithm, with a test program

Fig02_11.cpp: Recursive exponentiation algorithm, with a test program

LinkedList.h: Header file for linked list

LinkedList.cpp: Implementation for linked list

TestLinkedList.cpp: Test program for linked list package

Polynomial.cpp: Polynomials

CursorList.h: Header file for cursor linked list

CursorList.cpp: Implementation for cursor linked list

TestCursorList.cpp: Test program for cursor implementation of linked lists

StackAr.h: Header file for stack: array version

StackAr.cpp: Implementation for stack: array version

TestStackAr.cpp: Test program for (array-based) stacks

StackLi.h: Header file for stack: list version

StackLi.cpp: Implementation for stack: list version

TestStackLi.cpp: Test program for (list-based) stacks

QueueAr.h: Header file for queue: array version

QueueAr.cpp: Implementation for queue: array version

TestQueueAr.cpp: Test program for queues

BinarySearchTree.h: Header file for binary search tree

BinarySearchTree.cpp: Implementation for binary search tree

TestBinarySearchTree.cpp: Test program for binary search tree

AvlTree.h: Header file for AVL tree

AvlTree.cpp: Implementation for AVL tree

TestAvlTree.cpp: Test program for AVL trees

SeparateChaining.h: Header file for separate chaining

SeparateChaining.cpp: Implementation for separate chaining

TestSeparateChaining.cpp: Test program for separate chaining hash tables

QuadraticProbing.h: Header file for quadratic probing hash table

QuadraticProbing.cpp: Implementation for quadratic probing hash table

TestQuadraticProbing.cpp: Test program for quadratic probing hash tables

BinaryHeap.h: Header file for binary heap

BinaryHeap.cpp: Implementation for binary heap

TestBinaryHeap.cpp: Test program for binary heaps

LeftistHeap.h: Header file for leftist heap

LeftistHeap.cpp: Implementation for leftist heap

TestLeftistHeap.cpp: Test program for leftist heaps

BinomialQueue.h: Header file for binomial queue

BinomialQueue.cpp: Implementation for binomial queue

TestBinomialQueue.cpp: Test program for binomial queues

Sort.h: A collection of sorting and selection routines

TestSort.cpp: Test program for sorting and selection routines

DisjSets.h: Header file for disjoint sets algorithms

DisjSets.cpp: Efficient implementation of disjoint sets algorithm

TestFastDisjSets.cpp: Test program for disjoint sets algorithm

Fig10_38.cpp: Simple matrix multiplication algorithm with a test program

Fig10_40.cpp: Algorithms to compute Fibonacci numbers

Fig10_43.cpp: Inefficient recursive algorithm (see text)

Fig10_45.cpp: Better algorithm to replace fig10_43.c (see text)

Fig10_46.cpp: Dynamic programming algorithm for optimal chain matrix multiplication, with a test program

Fig10_53.cpp: All-pairs algorithm, with a test program

Random.h: Header file for random number class

Random.cpp: Implementation for random number class

TestRandom.cpp: Test program for random number class

Fig10_62.cpp: Randomized primality testing algorithm, with a test program

SplayTree.h: Header file for top-down splay tree

SplayTree.cpp: Implementation for top-down splay tree

TestSplayTree.cpp: Test program for splay trees

DSL.h: Header file for deterministic skip list

DSL.cpp: Implementation for deterministic skip list

TestDSL.cpp: Test program for determinstic skip lists

RedBlackTree.h: Header file for top-down red black tree

RedBlackTree.cpp: Implementation for top-down red black tree

TestRedBlackTree.cpp: Test program for red black trees

Treap.h: Header file for treap

Treap.cpp: Implementation for treap

TestTreap.cpp: Test program for treap

AATree.h: Header file for AA-tree

AATree.cpp: Implementation for AA-tree

TestAATree.cpp: Test program for AA-trees

KdTree.cpp: Implementation and test program for k-d trees

PairingHeap.h: Header file for pairing heap

PairingHeap.cpp: Implementation for pairing heap

TestPairingHeap.cpp: Test program for pairing heaps

FigA_04.cpp: Example of push_back with vectors

FigA_05.cpp: Queue implemented with STL list

FigA_06.cpp: Example of set with reverse order

Concordance1.cpp: Concordance program using STL

Concordance2.cpp: Concordance program not using STL

Graph1.cpp: Shortest path program using STL

Graph2.cpp: Shortest path program not using STL


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